Caran d’Ache Caribbean Seas

2 Oct

This is my absolute favorite color of fountain pen ink that I have come across yet! For me, it is the perfect teal. It is blue-green but leans more green than blue. I just love it. I only have a sample of it, but I have been rationing it out for over a month. There are only two real drawback to this ink: it is expensive and it is not water resistant. The expense of this ink is the reason I don’t have a bottle of it. I just can’t pay that much for an ink that isn’t water resistant. I need some level of water resistance because I tend to spill things from time to time. Even one drop of water on CdA Caribbean Sea can devastate a page of writing. The specifics: no feathering some slight bleed through on cheap or thin papers, but none on Rhodia. flows well, but the lubrication could be a bit better it dries pretty quickly on regular paper at about 5 secs, but on this index card it took about 10 secs. it offers wonderful shading. NB: While this color is a bit subdued, it is a little bit brighter than it appears in these pictures.

If anyone is interested, this is how it compares to Peacock Blue:

No Affil.

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