Levenger Cobalt Blue

2 Oct

I just filled my Estie with this ink and thought I might as well post a review of it. I know that there have been some disparaging remarks about this ink on the forums, but I happen to like it quite a bit. It’s a nice rich dark blue. It’s hue is true to its name; it reminds me most of cobalt colored glass. It does have a couple drawback: it feathers on poorer quality paper and will smear on coated papers like some of the laser jet papers.

I will say that it stained one of my pens, but I’m inclined to blame the pen rather than the ink. It is one of those Chinese squeeze filler pens. The clear sac is now blue tinted, but this is the only staining I have seen. I have put this ink through every pen I own and it has not stained any other pens or converters and it is not terribly difficult to wash out of a pen.

The info:
Will feather on poorer quality papers
Will bleed through a little bit on poorer papers and a lot on thinner papers, but is just fine on good quality papers like Rhodia etc.
It flows readily and lubricates well.
It has a measure of water resistance, but not much.
Heavily saturated; may stain clear sacs

I happen to like the way this ink looks on ivory paper:

No Affil.

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