Visconti Bourdeaux

9 Oct

I bought this ink on a whim because Swisher Pens was having a sale on them. At $6 a bottle I could hardly pass it up.

This is a quite well-behaved ink. I use this ink for grading student papers because it plays well with really poor cheap paper.
Feathering and bleed through are minimal on cheap papers and non-existent on higher quality papers.
The flow is quite generous, but the lubrication leaves something to be desired. Your pen definitely feels dry writing with this ink. Using a wet writer with a smooth nib will really help to alleviate this problem.
The drying time is quite good at around 5 seconds on all papers.
Shading is present, but not in your face. I good cursive Italic or Stub nib would probably show the most shading.
This ink is not at all waterproof. If you spill something on this ink you will likely lose most of what you have written.

Vis Bourdeaux Card

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