Diamine Umber

12 Oct

Despite the fact that I love, love, LOVE blue-greens I’m not such a fan of green inks. I tried this ink on a whim. If you didn’t know already, when you order three 30ml bottles of ink from Diamine directly they send you a box of assorted ink cartridges. I’d seen everyone raving about how much they loved Diamine Umber so I checked and there was an Umber cartridge in the box. I popped it in a pen and fell in love with it immediately. I promptly ordered an 80ml bottle.

The ink:
It’s a subdued dark green ink. Definitely not vibrant or light.
No feathering or bleed through on cheap or high quality paper.
The flow is good and so is the lubrication.
This ink dries very quickly in cheap and high quality papers.
The shading is quite good with ink. It is subtle, but pleasant.
Now, if you are looking for something water resistant this ink is not the one for you. If you even sneeze at the page, be ready to lose some legibility.

All  and all, this is a well behaved and pleasing dark green. I really like it.

This photo is from another write up I did of this ink on bagasse paper .Diamine Umber review

This is a close up from a different angle Umber Close Up

NOTE: The picture posted is not the one used to write this post. The image posted was the result of an initial test with a cartridge. This post was written after a while of using the bottled ink. This explains some of the difference in opinion between the two. The image is the right color. The note card didn’t photograph well, so it was completely the wrong color. SO, please only consider the picture for how it shows off the ink color not for the information. Sorry.


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