Rohrer & Klingner Cassia

13 Dec

This is the last of my reviews of Rohrer & Klingner inks, and I’ve got another great color for you. This is their deep purple. The scan is a little lighter than I’d like, but it’s the best I can do while still keep the color relatively true to hue.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that purple is one of my favorite colors of ink. I own a lot of them from many different brands. This one is rich in color, vibrant, and well-behaved. The only thing it’s missing is some water resistance, but that isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. As it compares to the other purples I have, I’d say it is closest in color to Diamine Majestic Purple (note the mistake on the card. LOL). I quite like it, and recommend it to the purple lover in your life.

I’ve really enjoyed reviewing the inks from this line, and I can honestly say that I like them all. This is definitely a line that deserves more attention than it gets.

The Details:

  • No feathering and bleed through
  • Excellent flow and lubrication
  • Dries relatively quickly
  • Offers some shading on high quality papers like Rhodia and Clairefontaine.
  • No water resistance whatsoever.


(Click to enlarge. Sorry for the mistake there.)

This ink sample was sent to my for review by Ryan at Pear Tree Pens. I am not otherwise affiliated with them. I’d like to thank Ryan for sending along the samples of these wonderful inks. I’ve really enjoyed testing them out. Many many thanks!

2 Responses to “Rohrer & Klingner Cassia”

  1. Halden December 13, 2010 at 10:41 AM #

    What a nice colour. I am not sure I would use it but I like it.

  2. Economy Pens December 14, 2010 at 10:25 PM #

    dizzy – excellent review. I might have to pick up some.

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