J. Herbin Café des Iles

22 Jul

This is the last review in the FPN member Alecgold review series.

While I really love J. Herbin inks, I really dislike this one. It is one of the weakest/lowest saturated inks I’ve used from them. I’d describe this color has a brown with reddish undertones.

I prefer much bolder colors than this. Still, it has all the wonderful characteristics of a JH ink. So long as you don’t mind low color pay off, you might quite like this ink.

The Details:

  • Little to no feathering
  • No bleeding
  • Good flow and Lubrication
  • Fast to average drying time
  • Very good shading with the right pen/paper combo
  • Not waterproof and very little water resistance

(click to enlarge and sharpen these images)

Alec Review 6/6. No affil.


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