Diamine Saddle Brown

22 Aug

Hello all! I just got a new monitor. I’ve been messing around with the color calibration. I think I’ve got it right, but I’m not all the way sure. If my scans start looking really off please let me know. This has been really frustrating!

Up today is Diamine Saddle Brown. This is one of my favorite brown inks. To me, it is a true medium brown with very slight reddish undertones. It doesn’t lean heavily one direction or the other. It’s also quite well-behaved with a little water resistance as well.

This is the ink I chose for my first fill of my newest pen: the Pilot Custom 823 in Amber with a Medium nib. These two inks love each other!

The Details:

  • Minimal to no feathering depending on the paper.
  • No bleeding.
  • Good flow and lubrication.
  • Average drying time at 5ish seconds.
  • Very good shading on coated papers like Rhodia. Otherwise, there isn’t a whole lot of shading.
  • Not waterproof, but it is resistant. See image below.

(click to sharpen and enlarge the image)

This ink was sent to me for review by the good folks at Diamine. I am not otherwise affiliated with them.

4 Responses to “Diamine Saddle Brown”

  1. mujahid7ia August 23, 2011 at 10:27 AM #

    Thanks for all the reviews!

  2. Brian Goulet September 19, 2011 at 1:11 AM #

    I don’t hear a lot of bad things about Saddle Brown. It’s an ink that often get overlooked, but when people use it the feedback is usually quite positive. And the 823 is a great pen for it, I bet you’re loving that ink capacity!

  3. Maire-Noelle Hoang November 18, 2011 at 12:05 PM #

    Thanks for the reviews. How would you describe the difference between Saddle brown and Chocolate brown (Diamine) ? I can’t see much of a difference on my screen.
    Thanks for your reply.


  1. Diamine Chocolate Brown « The Dizzy Pen - September 20, 2011

    […] suppose I just built up a sort of brown ink block. Boy have things changed now. I recently reviewed Diamine Saddle Brown, it is one of my favorite brown inks. Well, Diamine Chocolate Brown is my second favorite Diamine […]

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