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Beware Online Ink Swatches (via An Inkophile’s Blog)

14 Jul

Margana at An Inkophile’s Blog is one of my very favorite bloggers. She always tells it like it is, and her most recent post is no exception.

We can all get a little obsessed about finding/doing something perfect, but perfection is out of our reach. Humans are fallible and our machines are even more so.

It simply is not possible to create a perfect computerized image of any color sample. The way the human eye sees color only confirms this. Our vision, lighting, alertness, and so on all affect the way we see a color. The line width, wetness, flexibility, paper type and so on affect the way ink looks on the page. And then there’s the fact that many of us (and this is especially true of men) suffer from some degree of color-blindness! Not to mention the inability of computerized images to capture the vibrancy, depth and so on of any given color. There are too many variables of which only a small fraction can be controlled.

So, even if we could get an ink color to “look perfectly accurate” on the screen it is still more likely than not to vary greatly from the color we see when we put ink to paper.

We all see color differently image quality aside. This is why one person might see J. Herbin 1670 ink as red-orange while another sees it as blood red while yet another see it as a true red. Just look at any three ink reviews and you’ll see everyone describe the color differently.

The best we can do is approximate a color. Anyone looking at an online sample as perfect is setting themselves up for disappointment, and anyone claiming to have a perfect scan is setting themselves up to field complaints about how people feel they were misled.

As Margana says, you really do have to see an ink on the page in order to know whether or not it is the one for you. Please take a carefully look at what she says. She’s right on the money so far as I’m concerned.

The subject of online ink swatches and color representation has come up several times this past week. Some of us have learned the hard way that anything we see on a monitor is as likely to be inaccurate as not. Frustrating but so is buying an ink that disappoints. Even the so-called color adjustment aids are no guarantee. A respected inky friend reminded me just yesterday how true this is. Since the specific ink in question was developed with her … Read More

via An Inkophile’s Blog

I Just Purchased a Manual Typewriter!

29 Jun

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Someone posted a question on FPN about manual typewriters and whether anyone owned one. This immediately peaked my interest. I love all things old and writing related, so why not? It’s a writing instrument right?

After about half a second of thought I decided I absolutely had to have one. I ran it past hubby; he showed no objections. So, off to the antique stores I went. After three hours of searching and a couple hours of wiping, scrubbing, and oiling here’s what I got:

This is a 1950 Royal Quiet De Luxe manual typewriter!



It was in exceptional condition, and it is in perfect working order. I’ve already been typing away on it.

Anyway, this is just a sneak peak. There will be a typecast review of it in a few weeks!


Tips For Buying From A Pen Board (via An Inkophile’s Blog)

23 Jun

This is sounds advice, and a highly recommended read. Just like Inkophile, I was recently burned in a message board pen deal. Like her the seller agreed to pay for the nib to be fixed, but it was more of a hassle than I bargained for.

Read. Digest. Integrate.


This truly is a long post. Not interested in reading the details? If I were you I might not either so key points are listed below for those who prefer CliffsNotes to the full story. No offense taken if that works for you. Key Points: Don’t let the pressure (competition) best your common sense. Message board participation does not make a reliable seller. Read the fine print as well as between the lines. Ask questions and pay close attention to how … Read More

via An Inkophile’s Blog

Advertising on Blogs. What do you think?

18 Jun

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Firstly, let me just say up front, that I have no intention of advertising on The Dizzy Pen. Now that that bit is out of the way…

I’ve noticed that an ever-increasing number of bloggers are participating in Amazon Associates or similar programs that allow you to link to products on your blog. The blogger selects products, links to them from their blog and collects a referral fee if a reader clicks the link and purchases the item.

I’m not sure where I stand on this. On one level it is convenient for me as a reader because I can go directly to the item mentioned and know I’m looking at the specific product the blogger recommends. Another part of me is completely turned off by the practice.

I visit quite a few pen, ink and paper blogs. One of my favorites is now so loaded down with Amazon ads that it takes me forever and a day to load the page. The problems with loading have negatively impacted how often I visit the site.

I’m curious about what you all think about this. I’ve created a poll and placed it in my sidebar. Please take a moment to participate. I’d also love to read your comments, so if you have something to say please post it.


NB: What I call “blogger selected fee for referral advertising” is not the same as a blog host site (like WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, etc) inserting advertising into a blog without the specific authorization of the blogger. That’s another issue entirely, and one that caused me to leave LiveJournal.


ETA 07-29-10:

After 35 votes I’ve closed this poll. The results are below.

The Fountain Pen Network is back + new features!

11 Jun

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You can now reach FPN without seeing the scary bright red Google warning. The FPN Admin Team has posted a topic saying the Malware Problem is Fixed.

Not only is FPN back up and running, but there are a few new features to the site as well!

Now you can share an interesting topic with new share buttons! They appear at the bottom of the page just above the fast reply box.

New Feature

Next to your controls you now have a box that shows how many messages you have the lets you preview them!

Messanger and search

The search feature has been changed so that it is now more streamlined. You can now choose where you want to search in the search bar. Once you have searched you’ll find that the advanced search page and the search results pages look a lot better!


Also take a look at your profile page. It also has a new look!

A giant thanks to the FPN staff for FPN getting back up and running once more.

Have you noticed anymore changes? If so, do let us know about them!

ETA: I just noticed another change! You can now preview topics before you open them! All you have to do is hover over the post title. To the left a faint button appears that looks like a page with a green arrow pointing upward. Click that and a bubble will pop up with a preview of the post! F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. 😀


The Fountain Pen Network Malware Saga Continues…

10 Jun

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I know a lot of you dare not go past of the bright red and Google warnings of malware. I went ahead and did it. I work on a mac, so I feel a bit more protected than a PC user would.

For those of you who can’t see it, here is the latest update from the FPN admin:
FPN update 061110

Hopefully they get it sorted out soon. It is such a shame that some people take pleasure in doing things like this…


28 May

Well, I’ve now got a Twitter account. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but it’s there…  @DizzyPen

Ode to Beaker

6 Oct

I just had to post this. I LOVE Beaker. This video clip is awesome!

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