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Diamine WES Kensington Blue

17 Feb

Ha! I’m on a role here. After weeks of inactivity I’m posting nearly every day. Sorry for the sudden hemorrhage of reviews, but I have quite a few just waiting to be typed up and I’ve suddenly come upon some time to do them!

Now, about the Diamine Kensington Blue… what a great blue!

I am currently drowning in blue inks. While I like blue ink I don’t like it nearly as much as my ink shelf would suggest. I just can’t resist giving them a whirl.

I received about 20ml of this ink in a trade with a fellow FPNer. Let me tell you I really like this blue a lot.

The Basics

  • I’d describe the color as a medium blue with turquoise blue tendencies. This ink does not, however, have any green cast to it whatsoever. It is a straight up blue.
  • This ink does not like cheap/poor quality paper. It will feather and bleed into next week if used on anything less than a premium paper. It does well on Staples Bagasse and HP LaserJet 24# but really struts its stuff on Rhodia, Clairefontaine, and Cranes. On high quality papers there is no bleeding or feathering at all.
  • The flow and lub are good, not the best I’ve seen but quite good nonetheless. You certainly don’t feel as through you are dragging your pen along the page.
  • The drying time is average at around 7 seconds. This is not a super fast drying ink so lefties need to take some measure of care to not smudge the page as they go.
  • Shading is there, but is not very pronounced depending on the pen and paper combo. I’m sure this ink could shade wonderfully under the right circumstances.

All in all, this is a pretty good ink. Probably my favorite thing about the ink is how it changes from nib to nib and paper to paper. The review card shows the ink to be quite light and uninteresting with a fine nib, but once I switched to the Broad and wet Stub the ink took on an entirely different personality. I’ve included shots of both so you can see for yourself.



I apologize for the gray cast of the papers. Getting the ink color right was more important and all attempts to adjust the exposure, white balance, etc. resulted in the ink color being thrown completely off.

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Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron

17 Nov

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review, but I’ve been swamped with work. It takes time to put these things together; time I have not had of late. HOWEVER, since I was able to get my hands on a bottle of Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron, I thought I might as well put a review up.

I bought this ink because a. someone on FPN described it as looking like the Crayola Cerulean crayon and that was always my favorite color in the box b. this is a darker bulletproof ink and I’ve been looking for one of those. I have not been disappointed.

Firstly the color. This ink does look a bit like Cerulean crayons when it is wet, but it dries to a very attractive dark blue with hints of green and maybe turquoise. It might even be described as a blue-black. It’s difficult to capture the color of this ink in pictures, but I’ve done my best.

No feathering
No Bleed through
Excellent flow
Good lubrication
Some good shading depending on your nib and paper
It’s not just bulletproof, it’s part of the Warden Ink series. It is the most fraud resistant ink available. (see comp. below)
Comes in a 3 oz. bottle
No nib creep.

It has that trademark chemical odor that can down right knock you over if you sniff the bottle.
It sticks to the nib and can be a pain to clean off.

Now about this sticking business. This was a bit off putting at first. When I first got the bottle I dip tested it with a dip pen. This ink dried on the dip pen nib and it was really hard to wipe off. This made me nervous. So, I put it in a Sheaffer’s Cartridge pen. I did not have the same sticking problem. After having it in that pen for a few days I switched it over to my Levenger Plumpster. I didn’t have any problems rinsing the Sheaffer clean, and I can’t find any evidence of ink still stuck on the nib. It’s been in the Plumpster for several days now and I haven’t had any problems at all. No clogging, no nothing. It also is not sticking to or staining the walls of the cartridge I put it in. So, I’m confident that this ink is perfectly pen safe.

My one suggestion would be to fill the pen using a syringe or some other method so you don’t have to dip the nib in the ink. This makes for easier clean up. But either way you should be fine. I also recommend that you flush you pen every one to two fills of this ink. Good pen hygiene=happy pens!

Further Note: When I write a review of an ink I strive to provide the most accurate account of my experiences as possible. My comments about the ink sticking to the dip pen nib should not be misconstrued as a denunciation of this ink. I, in fact, love it and it will likely see heavy rotation in my pens. For some reason, that is beyond my understanding, people tend to have a visceral kind of reaction to Noodler’s ink as if it is the devil or something. I am not one of those who subscribes to that sort of nonsense. I have several bottles of Noodler’s ink, including two other bulletproof inks, and I use them without reservation!

Now for the pictures:

ND Heron

Here is a comparison for reference:

ND heron comp

Here are a set of swabs meant to test this ink’s bulletproofness. This test was performed on 24# copy paper. As you can see A little of the blue dye is lifted when it come in contact with liquid; otherwise, this ink isn’t going anywhere. I got a little carried away with the soapy water test and actually did remove some of the paper. The ink is still there!

ND Heron tests

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Noodler’s Turquoise and Blue-Green Comparisons

4 Nov

I LOVE Blue-Green inks. I mean I REALLY love Blue-Green inks. ND Turquoise is one of my favorites along with Diamine Steel Blue.

Noodler’s Turquoise isn’t really turquoise. Instead it is a medium-dark blue leaning blue green. This is not a bulletproof ink or an eternal ink. This one is just a part of Noodler’s standard ink line. Not much different in composition from your run of the mill fountain pen ink brands. It behaves very well and is not overly saturated. Fantastic ink all around.

No feathering or bleed through.
The flow is excellent and the lubrication is quite good. My nib floats across the page.
The drying time is a little slower than average at 7-10 seconds, but not slow enough to cause any problems.
I haven’t seen much more than minimal shading out of this ink, but I’ve only had it in this fine nibbed pen. Shading might be more pronounced in a stub or italic pen.
This ink is not bulletproof or eternal. It isn’t even water resistant. It washed completely away almost instantly.


Here is are a couple Blue-Green comparisons for your review. I Hope you enjoy them:


BG Showdown 09

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Private Reserve Naples Blue

19 Oct

I have to admit that when I first bought this color I was a bit disappointed. I had been looking for a darker color. I’d looked at various scans and thought this was darker. Well, it’s not, but over time I’ve actually come to really like this color.

I’d describe this color as a medium Turquoise color. There isn’t any green in the color. it’s dark enough to read comfortably. Darker than Skrip Peacock Blue, Visconti Turquoise, and MB Turquoise.

It behaves pretty well in pens.
No feathering on good papers and only minimal on cheap paper
No bleeding on good papers and only minimal on cheap paper
The flow and lubrication are absolutely excellent!
Shading is really good especially on premium slightly coated papers (think Clairefontaine)
While this ink is not waterproof (as noted on the card) it is water resistant to a degree. Certainly resistant enough to survive a spill.

Now the only drawback I see to this ink is that it is VERY slow drying on anything but cheap copy paper. On this card it took 25 seconds. I believe this is probably the slowest drying ink I have! So, lefties beware. There is a huge potential for smearing with this ink.

All in all a great turquoise.

PR Naples Blue Card

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NOTE: I have a few pens for sale on FPN. Take a look here if you are interested. 🙂

Diamine Steel Blue

7 Oct

I have to start by saying that this is my absolute favorite fountain pen ink PERIOD. I have really gotten into blue-greens since I decided I’d only use fountain pens (to the extent to which that is possible). My favorite color is actually purple but for some reason I just can’t get enough of writing in blue-greens. Pretty soon I’m going to do a blue-green show down. So far I have Dia Steel Blue and samples of CdA Caribbean Seas and Iroshijuku Ku-Jaku. All I need is a sample of PR Blue Suede and I’m in business.

Anyway, let’s get down to the review:

Diamine Steel Blue is very well behaved in all respects.
I have not experienced feathering or bleed through with this ink.
The flow is EXCELLENT! I mean it is perfect in almost every way. It’s not too wet or too dry. The lubrication is pretty good too. You definitely won’t have any problems with "dry nib" using this ink.
The drying time is pretty quick for an ink this saturated. Drying time averages about 5 seconds across all my papers.
Shading is pretty good, but this ink really shines on high quality slightly glossy papers like Clairefontaine and Rhodia. Do not expect shading on par with the Caran d’Ache or Herbin inks, but it is certainly present and beautiful.
Now the only down side, if you can indeed call it that, is that this ink is not waterproof at all. It’s hardly even water resistant. If you spill something on this ink you will like lose most if not all of the writing.

This ink comes in 80 ml and 30ml bottles. (Buyer Beware: the 30ml bottles are plastic and have narrow openings. Your larger pens will not fit.)

In a nutshell, fabulous ink, fabulous properties, and not too expensive either. This one gets two thumbs WAY up. 🙂

Dia Steel Blue Card

This is repost of an image I used in my Business Monarch review. It shows this ink off quite nicely. The pen used for this was a Stipula Vedo with medium nib.


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Sheaffer’s Skrip Peacock Blue

2 Oct

Here is a review of Peacock Blue. It’s another bright eye searing color (hard to capture in the photo), but this is one you can use everyday without worrying about giving yourself a migraine. It is a great light blue and is very well behaved except that it will bleed through a little on cheap or very thin paper. Bleed through does not bother me because I don’t write on both sides of the paper.

Important bits:
Very well behaved.
Some bleed through depending on the paper (none on Rhodia)
I have observed no feathering even on poor paper
Flows readily and offers decent lubrication
Shading is good with the write pen/ink/paper, but nonexistent with others. I get great shading in my Levenger Illuminator on composition book paper.
It’s dry in about 5 secs.
It does not even pretend to be waterproof.
Even though it is vintage it does come up for sale on ebay from time to time.

This picture was viewed on 2 monitors and shows true to color.

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Levenger Cobalt Blue

2 Oct

I just filled my Estie with this ink and thought I might as well post a review of it. I know that there have been some disparaging remarks about this ink on the forums, but I happen to like it quite a bit. It’s a nice rich dark blue. It’s hue is true to its name; it reminds me most of cobalt colored glass. It does have a couple drawback: it feathers on poorer quality paper and will smear on coated papers like some of the laser jet papers.

I will say that it stained one of my pens, but I’m inclined to blame the pen rather than the ink. It is one of those Chinese squeeze filler pens. The clear sac is now blue tinted, but this is the only staining I have seen. I have put this ink through every pen I own and it has not stained any other pens or converters and it is not terribly difficult to wash out of a pen.

The info:
Will feather on poorer quality papers
Will bleed through a little bit on poorer papers and a lot on thinner papers, but is just fine on good quality papers like Rhodia etc.
It flows readily and lubricates well.
It has a measure of water resistance, but not much.
Heavily saturated; may stain clear sacs

I happen to like the way this ink looks on ivory paper:

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J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir

2 Oct

I received this ink as a sample from a member on FPN. I confess, I never thought of buying it because it seemed too similar to Quink Washable Blue and De Atramentis Sapphire, both of which I have. Let me tell you, there is just something about this ink that sets it apart from the rest in its class. I think it’s the vibrancy of this ink. This is hard to capture in the picture, but this ink jumps off the page at you. As mentioned below, It goes down with a hint of purple, but dries to a very nice medium blue. I definitely recommend this ink, and plan to buy a bottle once I’ve worked my way through the sample.

Now the specifics:
Flow and Lubrication are both great.
Drying time is average: 10 secs. with the broad nib and 5 secs. with the XF nib.
Shading is amazing especially with a broad nib.
There is no bleed through or feathering
Lefties should watch out for smearing until the ink is completely dry.
It’s not waterproof but can survive a quickly cleaned up spill.
Saturation is not high but is still good so far as I’m concerned.
Great all around ink!

This first photo is the best color representation of this ink.
JH Eclat Card

If you have a Fotki Account you can click the image below for a larger view.

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De Atramentis Saphirblau (Sapphire Blue)

2 Oct

This image is from the De Atramentis website.

I received this ink as a trade with another FPN member. I had no idea what to expect really, but it was a brand I had not tried before so I decided to go for it. In all, I’d describe this as an average sort of vintage looking blue (light blue with purple undertones). It is almost exactly like my Quink Washable Blue except there are more purple undertones in this De Atramentis Sapphire. I’d also imagine (though I don’t have the inks to compare it to) that it is quite comparable to other big pen house blues such as Waterman Florida Blue and J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir or Violet Pensee and maybe even a Diamine lightish blue.[ Like those other Big house brands, this ink is remarkably well behaved in almost every situation and even on cheap paper. If you like these sort of blues, you can’t go wrong here.]*

The important stuff:

No feather or bleeding.
Flow is a little on the dry side, but generally quite good.
Drying time is average at 4-5 seconds in a Fine nib.
There is some shading. Different pens and paper might yield better results.
It is not waterproof at all, but if you can clean up your spill quickly the writing will still be faintly visible. It doesn’t feather wildly when wet, so that is a plus.

No Affil.


I don’t often go back and amend my reviews, but I just have to point out a couple things: First, I do not recommend this ink. It is watery, boring, and average in every way imaginable. Second, the behavior is so so, but it can be feathery in a wet writer. The pen used for this review was a very dry writer.

Caran d’Ache Caribbean Seas

2 Oct

This is my absolute favorite color of fountain pen ink that I have come across yet! For me, it is the perfect teal. It is blue-green but leans more green than blue. I just love it. I only have a sample of it, but I have been rationing it out for over a month. There are only two real drawback to this ink: it is expensive and it is not water resistant. The expense of this ink is the reason I don’t have a bottle of it. I just can’t pay that much for an ink that isn’t water resistant. I need some level of water resistance because I tend to spill things from time to time. Even one drop of water on CdA Caribbean Sea can devastate a page of writing. The specifics: no feathering some slight bleed through on cheap or thin papers, but none on Rhodia. flows well, but the lubrication could be a bit better it dries pretty quickly on regular paper at about 5 secs, but on this index card it took about 10 secs. it offers wonderful shading. NB: While this color is a bit subdued, it is a little bit brighter than it appears in these pictures.

If anyone is interested, this is how it compares to Peacock Blue:

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