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Levenger Pinkly

2 Oct

I LOVE PINKLY. It is truly a shame that Levenger discontinued the color. It is just pure unapologetic eye searing pink (something that is hard to capture in a photo). It is not an ink you’d find yourself writing a monograph with. I use it for marking papers and editing.

Now some of the important points:
The ink is pretty well behaved. There is little feathering or bleed through unless it is used on poor paper. Even still, it does well on xerox copy paper.
It flows quite readily and provides good lubrication.
I have only observed minimal shading, but with the right pen/ink/paper combo, I think there is some potential.
It is VERY saturated.
It dries fairly quickly at around 5 seconds.

I have checked this picture on two monitors and it shows true to color (with perhaps a touch more blue than it actually has in it)

No Affil.

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