Diamine Imperial Purple

13 Sep

Here is another great purple: Diamine Imperial Purple. This is another ink that is “just purple” to my eye. It is very similar to its label-mate: Majestic Purple, except that Imperial Purple has just a touch more red to it, and I find it to be a more vibrant color than Majestic Purple. As compared to the newest love of my life, PR DC Super Violet, Imperial Purple is similar, but a bit more red and somehow a bit less exciting. Still, when it comes to purples, this is also a very good choice.

The Details:

  • No feathering or bleeding
  • Good flow and lubrication
  • Average drying time. This Lamy Studio is a very wet writer.
  • Shading is ok on coated papers and pretty much nil on absorbent papers.
  • Not waterproof. Some measure of resistance if you are quick to clean up any spill.


(click to sharpen or enlarge the image)

This ink was sent to me for review by the good folks at Diamine Ink Co. I am not otherwise affiliated with them.

One Response to “Diamine Imperial Purple”

  1. Donnie September 13, 2011 at 5:52 PM #

    Looks like a nice shade of purple. Might need to order a sample vial from the Goulets.

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