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Cross Black/Pelikan Brilliant Black

5 Aug

I only have one bottle of black ink in my possession and this is it. I’m not a big fan of black ink. In fact, I just about never use it, but I purchased this bottle for two reasons: 1) I think everyone should have at least on bottle of black ink and 2) It was less than $5.

What’s interesting is that I actually kinda like this ink. It’s dryish without feeling the part, its got some decent water resistance, and it works well with dip pens.

The Details:

  • No feathering or bleed through
  • Decent flow and lubrication, but it is a bit on the dry side.
  • Average drying time at 6 seconds
  • Very little shading. This isn’t the blackest of black inks, but it is plenty dark.
  • Very good water resistance

All in all, not a bad way to spend $5!

Note: Cross Black is the same as Pelikan Brilliant Black.

(click to enlarge and sharpen the image)

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