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Sheaffer’s Skrip Peacock Blue

2 Oct

Here is a review of Peacock Blue. It’s another bright eye searing color (hard to capture in the photo), but this is one you can use everyday without worrying about giving yourself a migraine. It is a great light blue and is very well behaved except that it will bleed through a little on cheap or very thin paper. Bleed through does not bother me because I don’t write on both sides of the paper.

Important bits:
Very well behaved.
Some bleed through depending on the paper (none on Rhodia)
I have observed no feathering even on poor paper
Flows readily and offers decent lubrication
Shading is good with the write pen/ink/paper, but nonexistent with others. I get great shading in my Levenger Illuminator on composition book paper.
It’s dry in about 5 secs.
It does not even pretend to be waterproof.
Even though it is vintage it does come up for sale on ebay from time to time.

This picture was viewed on 2 monitors and shows true to color.

No Affil.

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