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Noodler’s Stylographic Pen, A Video Review

15 Oct

I was just going to do my standard write up, but I wanted to be able to demonstrate how easy it is to fill these pens up. There had been some confusion about that. This is my first video so be gentle. Videos are not really my thing, but I’ll tell you who does GREAT video reviews: Brian Goulet over at Ink Nouveau. You should check them out!

All in all this pen is decent for a roller ball; it writes a wet consistent fine/medium line. However, there is a reason I use fountain pens almost exclusively: roller balls aren’t the smoothest pens on the block. I will say this, I’d much rather have a refillable rollerball if I have to have one at all.

In the video I also compare the Creaper with a Dollar 717i. The pens are nearly identical, but I go over some differences as well. There is also a writing sample in there.

The only “issue” I have with the pen is that it squeaks as I write. I think it’s because the friction fit nib unit has a little play in it. I don’t know if this is normal or a malfunction. I’m hoping it settles down a bit with time.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions do let me know. I’ll be doing a more in-depth review of this pen at some point in the future.

(you’ll want to play the video at 480p) The writing test is at the end. Sorry.

No affil.

I purchased this pen from Todd at . As of the date of this posting, he is out of stock. I understand that he is expecting another shipment on 10/21. MSRP=$14

Small Rhodia Weekly Notebook

30 Sep

Hi all! It’s good to be back after a very very long couple weeks. Thank you all for your thoughts and prays.

Rhodia Weekly Before

I won this agenda from Tejal over at All My Hues. Thanks!

Tejal has already done a wonderfully detailed review of this agenda. Since I agree with just about everything she said there’s no sense in me repeating it. This post is simply meant to give you my thoughts about this agenda.

I love paper planners. I have computer and iPhone planners, but they just aren’t the same. I’m faster with a paper planner than I am with an electronic one. I write faster than I type, and I can flip through a book faster than I can scroll to find something. AND, using a paper planner gives me yet another reason to use a fountain pen. How’s that for a justification? 😉

I’d been ogling at the Rhodia Weekly since it came out late last year, but when they announced an academic year version that is when I started to get seriously interested. I’ve been using a Septanote, which is the academic year version of the Trinote. I’ve been carrying a Sapa X (reviewed here) around with me in my purse, and it seems much more use than the Septanote ever did. It’s the added convinced that gives it an edge, but the paper… the bleed through… 😡

Thus began my quest for a pocket sized planner with good fountain pen friendly paper. This little Rhodia Weekly is my first (second?) stop on this adventure. So far, it’s outshining the Sapa X and its recycled paper.

For the price, this little agenda seems rather flimsily made. The cover is leatherlette glued onto a cardboard backing. However, the cover is already beginning to separate along the bottom edge and it hasn’t really been used much less carried around. I love the elastic band though. It’s taut and seems to be secured well… Or at least that’s what I thought. It broke after about a week’s use.

After, Front

After, Back

The layout isn’t bad at all, but there is simply not enough room for serious planning. The paper is pretty good though. It’s 64 g paper, but fountain pen inks do not bleed through or feather on it. There is some show through, but not enough to render the agenda useless. The paper will even take wet broad nibs without a problem, but you’d best stick to a fine or extra fine nib if you want any prayer of actually being able to use the tiny little planning sections of this agenda.

Weekly Planner Layout

All in all not a bad planner, but it’s not the one for me. I need something a bit more sturdy and capable of handling heavy planning.

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