This blog started out as an archive for my own reference. Whenever I try new inks I write out a review index card, and file the card away for future reference. Sometimes, I do a long form review sheet in addition to the index card. This is something I have almost always done even before I started The Dizzy Pen. While this blog is ink-focused, I also review pens, paper products, and really anything related to fountain pens.

In mid 2009, I decided to digitize my index cards. I wanted to make my system easier to reference without having to flip through my cards. At the time, I figured I might as well upload them to the FPN ink review forum, but I quickly became frustrated with trying to keep track of my reviews there. So, once again, in an effort to make my cards easier to reference, I decided to change the way I cataloged my reviews. In October 2009, I set up a LiveJournal account, and I uploaded all of my reviews to that site. Now, everything was in one place, and I could easily reference my cards as I needed to.

Fast forward to June 2010. LiveJournal made some changes to their ad structure, and they began to limit the user’s ability to control their content. While I was frustrated with the behind the scenes changes, the ads were the biggest problem. My computer simply could not handle the new flash heavy full page ads, and I found myself getting frozen out of my own site. Once my computer crashed one too many times, I made my shift to this WordPress blog.

Impartial and Honest

Since then, my archive has evolved into a full-fledged review blog. Not only do I review items from my own collection, I also review items that are sent to me by manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

I made a promise to myself that–if I was going to continue blogging, and if I was going to accept sample products for review–I would always remain impartial and honest. Everything that is recommended here is recommended because I have used the product and I believe in it. If I don’t like something I have no problem saying so.

I am never paid for my reviews. Receipt of items for review is not conditioned upon giving a positive review.

Although I do not question my ability to be impartial and honest when I am reviewing products that are sent  to me, I am still a FIRM believer in full disclosure. Every post I publish has a disclaimer at the end. If I am reviewing something that I purchased you will see “No Affil.” at the end of the post. If the item was sent to me for review I will tell you who sent the item to me, and I will disclose any affiliation or agreement I have with that company. I do this for every post so that there is no confusion about how I came to review a particular product.

Thank you for reading my blog. I am so appreciative of your support. If you have anything you would like to see reviewed here please let me know by sending an email to dizzypen [at] gmail [dot] com. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Again, thanks for your support!


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