When I started this archive/blog in October 2009 I had no idea that it would grow to what it has become today.

Truly, this started out as a place to digitally archive my own reviews and thoughts about my inks so that I could more easily search my reviews and find what I was looking for. Without poking and prodding from readers like you, I would never have become a “serious” reviewer/blogger. In that way, I guess you could call me a once reluctant blogger that has fallen head over heels in love with what she does. Thank you!

I’ve had a thing for fountain pens ever since I found a Parker Reflex on the ground in c. 1997. From that point on, I had always used a fountain pen from time to time. It was usually a Parker Reflex or a Pilot Varsity. I really had no idea this hobby even existed.

In 2003, I went to work for an attorney that was a fountain pen collector of sorts. He had a thing for Levenger products, so he always had one of their catalogs around. One day I asked him about it, and we struck up a conversation about their fountain pens. Through our conversation I got a taste of the hobby, but I still had no idea about just how big it was.

Fast forward to February 2009. By then I was a graduate student. I was still using my cheap pens, but they left much to be desired. I somehow ended up with a gift certificate to Amazon, so I decided to purchase a better fountain pen. In the midst of researching my purchase, I came upon FPN. I joined, asked a few questions, and ended up with a Raspberry Lamy Al-Star (from Amazon), a Levenger Truewriter and a bottle of Levenger Cobalt Blue ink.

From that point on, I found myself happily sliding down the slippery slop of fountain pen addiction and INK addiction. I pretty much haven’t used a ballpoint, roller-ball, or gel ink pen since. (With obvious exceptions for things like checks and glossy surfaces.)

Outside of my fountain pen hobby, I also keep a small vegetable garden. I am a true lover of history, and I keep up with current events (politics in particular). I’m a moderate that is fiscally conservative but socially liberal. I am a Christian, but I am not an evangelist or even evangelical, but I love to talk about my religion with anyone who cares to know. Some other interests include tea and tea paraphernalia, cooking, photography, and firearms.

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